Brittany Wielgosz

Beauty Expert + Founder of Luxe Glow 

After over a decade working in the industry, Brittany Wielgosz has secured a spot as a leader in natural cosmetic treatments. She knows how to make feeling beautiful in your skin achievable for women and men, and her work has graced the covers of magazines across the country, including Plaid Magazine and Women’s Health & Fitness.

Brittany is a trained Makeup Artist through leading institute Blanche Macdonald Centre; is a certified Skin Care Specialist; and certified in the trendiest beauty treatments including Organic Spray Tanning and Lash Extensions. She has worked in high-demand areas of the beauty industry, including a range of projects from film and television to editorial photo shoots and fashion shows, and has created flawless faces and skin for many notables, dancers and fitness models including Kristen Lehman, Melissa McClelland, fitness and cover model Meaghan Terzis, and the stars of Masterchef Canada Season 1.

Brittany created Luxe Glow – luxury treatments – with the objective to enhance one’s natural beauty by rejuvenating the skin on the inside and out to create a more youthful appearance and glow. Brittany combines beauty with wellness by coaching and guiding her clients to achieve their goals by replacing their toxic, synthetic and chemical containing skin care routines with the most luxurious organic, clean, and toxic free.

When she’s not beautifying the world, Brittany is educating her clients on the power of essential oils and how to integrate them into their homes to live a cleaner and more holistic lifestyle.