OLD Eyelash Extensions

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 Luscious Lashes (Customized Full Set)  $100

With just about every lash receiving some extra special VLC {volume, length, & curl}. If lashes were lingerie, this look would be the push-up bra — va va volume!

Natural Lashes (Customized Natural Set)  $80

This technique is perfect for those who are trying eyelash extensions for the first time or who want a more subtle look.

Naturally Winged (Outside Ends Only)  $65

Go au natural with just the right amount of emphasis on the outer corners of your eyes to make them pop !



shutterstock_223058974-1Mini Touch-Up (2 weeks)

Full $50   Natural $40

Regular Touch up (3 weeks)

Full  $60  Natural $50

Extended Touch up (4 weeks)

Full $75   Natural $65

Extension Removal  $40